Weighted Foam Breast Form -Style 611 Tri-Leisure Triangle

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Trulife style 611 is a weighted foam breast form- Tri-Leisure Triangle breast prosthesis. This breast form is ideal for use after mastectomy surgery at leisure use while resting at home, gardening and engaging in sporting activities.

This temporary weighted foam breast form is particularly useful when the weight of a silicone breast prosthesis or breast form is undesirable, yet the weigted core can still offer some balance.

Tri-Leisure breast form is triagular shaped to fit either side of the body. It is  made with soft foam that can fit securly inside the bra pocket of leisure post surgery mastectomy bras, post surgery camisole and mastectomy sport bras.

There is an inner core that is slightly weighted to provide some minimal weight for balance if used in mastectomy bras too.

Recommended for: Those who do not want to wear silicone prosthesis due to it's weight, those with limited arm movement caused by arthritis or lymphedema

Shape: Symmetrical Triangle.

Size: 3-14

Color: Beige

Sizing: Follow breast prostheses size chart.

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