Surgery Recovery

Surgery Recovery

Post Surgical Bras with Front Closure, are medical bras with front closure or opening, designed with front zipper, or Velcro or hooks for easy don and doff to help women heal in comfort after breast surgery.

Recovery bras are made with skin friendliest seamless fabrics such as soft cotton that won’t pinch or itch. Soft fabric helps quicken the healing process after mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast implant surgery, breast reconstruction surgery, breast lift or breast augmentation. 

Breast Cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments results in tissue damages. Therefore, your body needs to heal in comfort with the best post surgery bra.

We carry a wide range of post surgery bras, cotton bras, leisure bras, mastectomy camisoles with prostheses pockets, bra puffs made with very soft fabrics, that would not irritate your skin to facilitate post-surgery recovery. Post mastectomy recovery bras and camisoles we stock are constructed to have a relaxed and comfortable fit and wearable right after breast surgery.

Post surgery bras and camisole may come equipped with drain management pouches to hold drain bulbs and pockets to hold bra inserts, fiber filled bra puffs or foam breast prostheses.