About Us - GraceMd Mastectomy

GraceMd Mastectomy was established to assist women feel good about themselves and look beautiful again after mastectomy or lumpectomy. 

Mastectomy is a surgical removal of one breast or both to treat breast cancer or for prophylactic purpose. Irrespective of the reason for having a mastectomy, women need to have their confidence restored. Our team of fit specialists restore breast symmetry and self esteem to women after breast cancer. 

GraceMd Mastectomy team have over three decades of breast care experience, with in-depth knowledge the meaning of mastectomy and how it impacts the lives of women.

We are a 100 percent mastectomy store in Canada with both strong online and brick and mortar store presence to serve Canadian women dealing with Breast Cancer.

GraceMd Mastectomy assist women who have undergone one or more of these surgeries--radical mastectomy, double mastectomy, lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery), Breast Reconstruction surgery( Attempt to rebuild breast from tissue or breast implants) which could result in breast distortion or a lop-lopsided appearance. 

We offer all top of the line mastectomy products,  such as Mastectomy Bra, Breast Form or Breast prosthesis in all sizes on the market (Sizes 0 -18); lightweight, standard weight and more. 

We stock a variety of styles of breast forms bras and mastectomy bras in all cup sizes ( AA -H Bra Cup).

GraceMd is a one stop store for women dealing with chemotherapy, Radiation Treatment, resulting in hair loss, alopecia. We stock Top brand head wears such as wigs, hats, chemo caps  or chemo beanies in Canada.

We are specialized in restoring your contour at low cost, and we try to accommodate most budgets.

Shop at our online mastectomy store - for Breast forms, breast prostheses, mastectomy bras, surgical bras or recovery bras, post op camisoles , after mastectomy -swimsuits, bathing suits, swim wears, wigs, and hats.

Brands we stock -are American Breast Care, Amoena, Anita, Classique, Jodee, Nearly Me, Trulife, and more

Brands we stock -For Headwear (Wigs, Caps, Hat- Amoena, Jon Renau, Christine Headwear)  and other brands

** Please Note: GraceMd is Medical Supplies Store, therefore our storefront only offers Fitting and Pick-up services. If you are looking to see/view all products we offer at a glance, feel free to browse our website: https://gracemd.ca

Ontario residents can take advantage of the partial funding provided by OHIP/ADP, for silicone breast forms or breast prosthesis every two years. For those who have additional Insurance benefit, we can assist you apply for claims too, if you qualify. 




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