Breast Forms – Amoena Breast Forms is one of the top brands of silicone and foam breast prostheses, that will restore your contour perfectly after mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction and to fix lopsided look resulting from a birth defect such as Poland’s syndrome

Amoena Breast Prostheses or breast forms are uniquely designed with women’s individual breast texture, shapes, size and weight in mind.

Amoena breast forms are designed for comfort and function in four different groups--

Natura Breast Form (provides day comfort, most natural look, perfect outline and movement),

Contact Breast Form (adheres directly to the body, relieve shoulder of breast form weight pressure, suitable for use with different top necklines),

Energy Breast Forms (reduces sweating, provides cooling on the chest, ideal for activity or hot flushes).

Essential Breast Form (restores body symmetry, soft look and feel, balanced and secure fit)

Adapt Air Breast Form (adjustable for every unique contour, fits close to chest wall for a perfect Symmetry)

Leisure or Foam Breast Form: (Ideal for times of rest or leisure, slept in instead of a silicone form)