Mastectomy | Newly Diagnosed with breast cancer - Prepare for breast surgery, where to buy post surgery bras and prosthesis near me

Women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer would find this a major life changer and a daunting  challenge; they may have many concerns and questions about this new condition. 

GraceMd Mastectomy Team of Professional Fit Specialists can help answer some questions such as:

What do I need before going in for my breast surgery?

What is the location of mastectomy bra store near me

What bra should I wear right after breast surgery?.

What is breast prosthesis cost or how much does breast form cost?

Does OHIP or Insurance cover the cost of breast prosthesis or breast form?

Is silicone breast prosthesis heavy?

Are there alternatives to wearing silicone breast form?

GraceMd team have answers for you and we stock a very wide selection of mastectomy bras, post surgery bras, breast forms or prostheses you need right after lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction, wigs and hats.

10th Mar 2020 GraceMd Mastectomy

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