Nearly Me

Nearly Me Breast Prosthesis | Natural Look Oval Sold in Pairs

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The Natural Look Tapered Oval Silicone breast prosthesis style TF 102 is a standard weight breast form. The oval shaped prosthetic breast is made with silicone gel, with thin upper wing that  tapers on one side to blend more smoothly on the chest wall for a closer fit.Oval shaped breast forms are great for radical mastectomy and double mastectomy too.

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• Can be turned in different directions for versatility and different looks


• Wear horizontally in strapless tops/dresses for more fill on the side of the chest

• Wear vertically in halter tops/dresses for more fill at the top of the chest

• Symmetrical - could be worn on either right or left side of the chest.

Sizes: 4, 6, 8,10 (only 4 sizes) - For Double Mastectomy, choose any Size and match to a Bra size from chart below.

Packing List: 2 Breast Forms per case.



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