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Nearly Me Breast Prosthesis | Foam Breast Forms pair

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  • Triangle Foam Breast Forms or prosthesis
by Nearly Me
Style TF802 - Oval
  • Triangle Foam Breast Forms or prosthesis
by Nearly Me
Style TF801 - Triangle


Nearly Me transform foam breast form or prosthesis is a soft, lightweight symmetrical foam forms that fill out any bra with pockets of your choice.

It suitable for use after surgery, when drainage has stopped stopped and the skin surface is healed.

This breast form or prosthesis is also great for use while resting at home and a lighter weighted prosthesis is desired and also for women who have never worn silicone breast prosthesis previously.

Nearly Me style  TF801 can be used interchangeably on either side of the chest when bust shape is desired without an accompanying weight. You can wear it during workout, dancing or any other physical activity.

Triangle prosthesis comes in pairs only and easy to insert into bras.

Hand wash and air dry.


Material: Soft Polyurethane Foam

Nipple: Small molded nipple like the shape of real breast nipples.

Color: Blush

Sizes: 4-12

There two shapes, Triangle (TF801) and Oval (TF802) -

Note: This prosthesis is not covered with fabric.



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