Mastectomy Silicone Breast Prosthesis

Mastectomy Silicone Breast Prosthesis

Mastectomy Silicone Breast Prosthesis also called Silicone Breast Form is a false or fake breast made out of silicone to look and feel like natural breast.

The silicone could be made like raw gel for standard weight silicone breast prosthesis or breast form or made with whipped silicone trapping in air within the gel to give a lightweight breast form. The more air is trapped in it the lighter the breast prosthesis or breast form.

Silicone breast forms are used to compensate for breast lost to surgery due to breast cancer or other problems necessitating breast removal. It is also used by women who have underdeveloped breast to balance symmetry.

Silicone breast prosthesis comes in different shapes- Triangle (most used), Asymmetrical ( with side tail to fill deep side scars) and Tear Drop or Oval or pear shaped breast form( good for more mature pendulous breast drape).

Breast prosthesis are designed in various sizes (0 to 17) to match bra cup size.