Breast Form | American Breast Care Breast Prosthesis Standard Weight Tear Drop

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American Breast Care( ABC) Tear Drop standard weight oval breast form, Style 1004 is an ideal symmetry and balance restoring silicone gel breast prosthesis for women after simple and modified radical mastectomy. The standard weight replaces the lost weight of the remaining natural breast tissues.

Key Features:

  • ABC teardrop is designed to allow multiple orientations to add fullness where it is needed most.
  • ABC’s standard silicone gel form gives a natural look and feel that closely mimics breast tissue.
  • The shape allows the form’s extension to be positioned to fill in missing tissue or to keep bra elastic away from sensitive areas.
  • The roundness of style 1004 breast form is ideal for women with full breast profile.
  • Breast form is Symmetrical in design, so it can be worn on either left or right side of the chest.

Packaging: One breast prosthesis or form in an ABC travel/storage case with manual and warranty card

Warranty: Made in USA. This breast form comes witha 24-month warranty for manufacturing defects

Sizes: 1-12

Color: Blush

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