Mastectomy | Post-surgical Kit

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Mastectomy or Breast Removal Surgery is a life changing surgery, that is why a pre-surgery / post-surgery kit would help make this changes gradual.

Prior to breast surgery, the Post-Surgical Kit is a great way to introduce you to the essential products needed to make a smooth, comfortable transition post-surgery.

American Breast Care style # 914 Post-surgical Kit has all that you need for your breast surgery. It has temporary breast puff that prevents the chest from looking flat right after surgery, a cotton leisure bra that is soft and comfortable, equipped with drainage pouches to hold your drain bulb,


Purpose: Pre and Post Breast Surgery Bra Kit

Kit contents include: One ABC Leisure Bra in white (Style 110), one Triangle Puff Form (Style 910)
and two Velcro attachable drain pouches (Style 922).

Additional contents include an ABC shopping bag, a set of informational brochures and pink tissue paper. Kits are pre-packaged, but must be assembled.

SizesS, M, L, XL, XXL

CupsA/B or C/D


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