Nearly Me

Nearly Me Breast Prosthesis| Extra Lites #335 Classic breast form

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Nearly Me classic shaped asymmetric Lightweight breast prosthesis a silicone breast form.

Asymmetric shaped breast forms fits either Right and Left side of the chest.

These asymmetrical breast forms are made with whipped silicone, with full front profile and a curved back contoured to flush naturally and securely against the side of the rib cage.

Asymmetrical breast forms are ideal for double mastectomies since it is designed to fit right or left side. It is designed for full profile bust-lines and  women with deep chest scars, especially towards the sides of the rib cage. 

Sizes: It is available in sizes 1-12 (refer to the size chart)

Fit: Average to Full profile.

Shape: Asymmetrical -Fits either Rt or Lt side.

Packing List: One breast form per box.

Made in USA and it comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects.




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