Amoena Mastectomy Bra | Amber Lace Top Camisole Accessory for Bra

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  •  Amber Lace Top -Camisole Accessory for Mastectomy Bras
by Amoena
  •  Amoena Mastectomy Bra
  •  Amber Lace Top -Camisole Accessory for Mastectomy Bras
by Amoena
  •  Amber Lace Top -Camisole Accessory for Mastectomy Bras
by Amoena


The Amber Lace Accessory Top(not a bra) by Amoena is a beautiful, delicate lace overlay for wear with almost any bra.

Amber high coverage lace accessory offers a simple solution when you are desirous of wearing lower necklines dresses or tops, as the lace can hide scars or radiation burns.

Amber is separate lace camisole is not a bra cleavage insert cover; instead you slide it down over the top of your bra and latches onto the bra fasteners.

It is easy to wear, comfortable and gives confidence to the wearer.

This camisole accessory is compatible with Amoena styles- Aurelie Soft Padded Bra, Lilly Non-Wired Bra Lilly Underwired Bra, Ruth Non-Wired Bra, Rita Non-Wired Bra, Barbara Underwired Bra, Lara Non-Wired Bra, Mara Non-Wired Bra, Magdalena Non-Wired Bra.


  • The Amber Top bra accessory is a pretty lace overlay for almost all your bras
  • Make almost any bra a camisole bra with this lacy insert you can purchase separately
  • Our camisole top slides over your body and hooks to the bra straps with secure fasteners
  • A simple solution for hiding surgery scars or radiation burns, so you can wear low-cut tops or V-necks with confidence
  • Can also be worn to minimize visible cleavage for a more modest bra look under lower necklines
  • Note: this is an accessory, it is designed to be used with a bra and as such does not have pockets of its own.

Sizes: 34 - 42 A/B, C/D, DD/DDD

Color: Black, White

Fabric: 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

Note: There is no bra with this accessary.





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