Nearly Me Extra Lightweight Triangle Breast Form

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Nearly Me Style 395 Extra Lightweight Semi-Full Triangle Breast Form is one of the "Lites"  silicone breast forms. It is a semi full, prosthetic breast made with whipped silicone gel that is 35% lighter in weight than standard weight silicone breast form or prosthesis.

 This breast prosthesis is a standard triangle shaped form, with tall upper wing and wider base, to stay upright inside a bra and the tail can cover an area of tissue need under the arm.

 Details: Fits closely to a flatter chest wall, due to it shallower profile, so that it is 

 Recommended Fit: Average profile and more mature natural breast.

 Packaging: Each case includes one breast form, cleaning instruction and a comfort cloth cover for the prosthesis.

 Shape: Triangle Semi-Full

 A 2-year manufacturer warranty comes with each new prosthetic breast.

 Made in USA.

 Use sizing chart to match your bra cup, and bra band width size to breast prosthesis.

 Color: Available in two colors, Beige and Soft Sable (by special order)

 Sizes: 1-16 

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