Amoena Breast Prosthesis | Contact Light 2S 380C Glue on Breast Form

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  • Contact Breast Form -Comfort +
by Amoena
380C Light
  • Contact Breast Form 
by Amoena
380C Light
  • Contact Breast Form 
by Amoena


The Amoena Contact 380C breast forms are silicone breast prostheses designed to adhere directly to the chest wall and stays in place as you move. Since this silicone breast prosthesis attaches on the body, you will experience relief from shoulder pressure, thereby providing more freedom in clothing choices-from sleeveless to halter neckline clothes. Contact breast forms are also Ideal for women with active lifestyles.


  • Attachable- Adheres securely to the body, giving a woman a new sense of freedom and self confidence, and can be used inside any bra.
  • Insert-able: This breast form could also be inserted into a bra pocket if you have mastectomy bra 
  • InTouch Light Silicone- An improved silicone formulation, which offers an ultra-soft breast form with great natural look and feel.
  • Average cup fitting, high soft transition to upper chest wall where less volume is needed 
  • Symmetrical shape – Triangular in shape, so can be worn on either the left or right side
  • Designed with a lower cut inside edge to accommodate surgery that conserves a small area of cleavage

 Sizes: 1-14

Package List: One breast form per box, brochures and warranty card(2 years warranty)

Material: PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material

 **Contact breast forms Cup Forms at a Glance --

 Contact 1S: Shallow bra cup fit

 Contact 2S: Average bra cup fit

 Contact 3S: Full bra cup fit




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