Double Mastectomy - RT and LT Lightweight Breast Forms

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Lightweight double mastectomy asymmetrical breast prostheses by Nearly Me are classic styled silicone prosthesis. These breast forms comes in Right and Left side individually for a proper fit.

These asymmetrical breast forms are made with whipped silicone, with full front profile and a curved back  contoured to flush naturally and securely against the side of the rib cage.

Asymmetrical breast forms are ideal for double mastectomies for full profile bust-lines and deep chest scars, especially towards the sides of the rib cage. It provides  more curved sides.

Sizes: It is available in sizes 1-12 (order by bra size)

Fit: Average to Full profile.

Shape: Asymmetrical -Fits either Rt or Lt side.

Packing List: Two breast forms with one per box; plus One free bra (our fit specialists will ensure the breast forms fits the bra we send out to you).

Made in USA and it comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty.




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