Adapt Air Breast Form | Amoena Adapt Light 3A 376 RT /LT Side Prosthesis

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  • Adapt Light Adjustable Prosthesis Front by Amoena
  • Adapt Light Adjustable Prosthesis Back by Amoena


Amoena Adapt Light 3A 376 Breast Form is designed with moldable silicone back layer which features the Amoena patented Comfort+ temperature- equalizing technology.

This is an asymmetrically shaped silicone breast prosthesis made to provide compensation for lost breast tissues after radical mastectomies. It provides fullness especially on the sides and  and upper chest wall.

Surgery Type: All types of Mastectomy ( that leaves deep chest scars)

Fit: Full profile 

Key Features:

  • Asymmetrical shape replaces missing tissue under the arm; ideal for radical mastectomies
  • Curves and hugs your unique body
  • For full breast shapes
  • Lightweight silicone is approximately 25% lighter than standard silicone breast forms of the same shape and size
  • Patented InTouch soft silicone provides the most natural feel for huggable softness
  • Fits securely all day
  • Serves a variety of different post-surgery needs
  • Ventilates for moisture evaporation

Material: Polyurethane Film, Silicone

Sizes: 4-12 ( R/L)

Package: Includes x1 silicone breast form, soft storage case and warranty card


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