Breast Form | Anita Adjustable Breast Prosthesis Equitex 1057X

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  •  Breast Prosthesis Equitex 1057X Adjustable Size Prosthesis
by Anita
  •  Breast Prosthesis Equitex 1057X Adjustable Size Prosthesis-Fiber Stuffed
by Anita


Anita Breast form Equitex 1057 is a size customisable silicone fiber filled breast form.

It is a multi purpose breast form that can be used after mastectomy, after lumpectomy or after breast reduction to compensate lost symmetry without an added weight from silicone. This breast prosthesis perfectly balances out small areas of tissue loss following breast surgery.

 Equitex 1057X Key Features:

  • multi-functional compensation shape for either side of the chest
  • Silicone cup with a thin edge to flush seamlessly on the chest wall.
  • breathable textile back made of microfiber
  • can be variably filled with medical non-woven fiber material
  • Volume can be individually adjusted to conceal areas of more tissue loss.
  • Combination with microfiber backing keeps the skin pleasantly dry and ensures a high level of comfort
  • Tapered edges allow a smooth transition to the skin

Sizes: S, M,L,XL,XXL,SL

Packing List: One breast form per case

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