Anita Breast Prosthesis | Velvety 1066X by Anita

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Breast Form Velvety by Anita is a light weight silicone breast prosthesis, designed to fit into modern minimalist bra designs, so there is no chance of it sticking out from the bra cup provided the right bra cup is matched to the prosthesis.

It is shaped in a modified triangle form  with silicone grooves on the back for maximum comfort and it also allow cooling on the chest wall during menopause, exercising or even during radiation and chemotherapy when body heat is excessive.

This breast form is also great for more matured breasts shape that tend to be fuller at the bottom and almost empty at the top of the chest, giving a pendulous appearance.

This breast form is also suitable for petite women with small bra cups.

Key Benefits:

  1. Balancing out breast symmetry after an mastectomy
  2. Balancing out any unevenness and scars after breast surgery
  3. Cools the chest wall if you have the tendency to sweat alot and during active life styles
  4. It offers appropriate weight balance for heavy breasts
  5. Practical breast form for women with upper are lymph edema, since it does not project sideways to cause skin rubbing against it. 

Recommended for : Shallow to Average Breast

Sizes: 3-12

Packing list: I breast form per box

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited 2 wear warranty.

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