Amoena Breast Prosthesis | Natura Cosmetic 3S 321

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  • Amoena Silicone Breast Prosthesis -Natura 3S Cometic 321
  • Amoena Silicone Breast Prosthesis -Natura 3S Cometic 321


Amoena Natura 3S Cosmetic 321 is a standard weight silicone breast prosthesis symmetrical triangular shape to fit either right or left side. It is made with 100 percent silicone gel, designed to closely mimic the natural soft drape of a woman’ own breast. Natura 3S provides the perfect shape and movement associated with natural breast.

Recommended Fit: Average Bust profile

Product Detail:

Designed to drape like a natural breast so that it moves with the body, even flattening when a woman lies down

Standard silicone layer with super soft film

Full cup fitting, narrower footprint has less coverage in the top Center

Symmetrical shape - can be worn on either the left or right side

Thin layer of standard silicone covers the cups side, reduced weight, Intouch silicone on the inside, Comfort+ technology integrated into the reduced weight silicone, clear gel back

Sizes: 1-12


PU Film, Silicone, Phase-Change Material

Packing List: One breast form per box, one travel case and product brochures


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