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Sapphire Boho Set Solid | Christine Headwear

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  • Sapphire Boho Set Solid -Mole
by Christine Headwear
  • Sapphire Boho Set Solid Crown Blue
  • Sapphire Boho Set Solid - Cherry Red
by Christine Headwear


Sapphire Turban Set is a crafted  as a true Boho styled 2-piece set, made up of two parts. The first is the real turban  base and the second part is a partially attached headband projecting into a long ribbon to wrap around the turban for styling. This is a twofer cap and saves the extra cost of buying a cap and an accent.

This Boho turban by House of Christine Headwear can also be mixed with the printed loose ribbons from the other Sapphire turban sets, there are many styling options for this solid fabric turban to give the right feel and look just for you.

The Long ribbon is long enough to make a lot of extra volume on the head, to give this turban a dressy look. Try twisting the ribbon around the headband and tie a knot on one side leaving the remaining fabric hanging loose by the ear. 

Key Features:

  • 2-piece set
  • Comfortable cotton lining
  • Detachable ribbons can be used to give a voluminous look
  • Endless styling possibilities

Fabric:100% Rayon with cotton lining

Colors: Crown Blue-577, Cherry Red-578, Mole-579 (Model wearing mole)

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