Breast Forms

Breast Forms

Breast Forms, breast prostheses, fake breasts, prosthetic breasts, false breasts are all terms that are used to describe an external breast implant intended to mimic the look, feel, shape of natural breasts.

A Breast form is a non-invasive external breast implant that can be inserted into a mastectomy bra to take the place of the real or natural breast removed during breast surgery as a result of breast cancer. Breast forms offer convenient alternatives to breast reconstruction, since it does not involve another chest surgery and the size, fit and shape of breast prosthesis or breast form could be changed anytime.

GraceMd offers affordable breast forms in Canada, breast prosthesis online, at an accessible store for mastectomy breast form near you.

After Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, uneven Breasts caused by birth defects or Poland syndrome, breast reconstruction correction order your breast form with us.

We would assist you with OHIP/ADP funding and insurance reimbursement advice.