Custom Breast Forms

Custom Breast Forms

Custom Breast Forms

                   Custom Breast Form or Custom Breast Prosthesis

What is a custom breast form is:

  • A Custom Breast Form is an artificial breast substitute or breast replacement that looks and feels like a real breast.
  • Custom breast prostheses or breast forms are constructed by making use of Depth Sensor Technology, 3D iPad technology and patented hand crafting processes and a variety of skin tones choice to match most skins, making the breast form unique to the wearer.

Uses for Custom Breast Prosthesis or Breast Form:

  • Custom breast forms compensate for asymmetry due to mastectomy, lumpectomy, and post reconstructive breast surgery; therefore it is a great non-surgical alternative to breast reconstruction.
  • Custom breast forms can be used for daily activities such as work, walking, swimming and any other activities.


  • The 3D Scanning technology makes it possible to capture and make a mould of the client’s chest area so that the breast prosthesis flushes onto the chest wall for maximum comfort and fit.
  • Skin tone choices are varied, we offer over 15 skin tones to choose from that matches your skin color.
  • A variety of nipple styles and colors to match clients’ skin color.
  • Feels life-like, so you are not bound to use your custom breast form in a mastectomy bra but can be worn in most well-fitting bras.
  • Breast Prosthesis Weight Choice


                                   STEPS TO GETTING A CUSTOM BREAST FORM FITTED - Contact Us

  • Initial Consultation: Meet with Fit Specialist to discuss process and prepare for scanning (a consultation fee may apply and may be credited towards purchase made)
  • Scanning: (Starts the process of being you again by symmetry balance)
  • Customization of breast form: choosing breast prosthesis or form style, color and nipple
  • Final Stage: Delivery of Custom Prosthesis / Custom Breast Form



Virage Custom Breast Form:

         This is the most popular custom breast form requested, because it has the lightest weight on the market. It has a smooth outer skin that is not water-permeable and as such you can wear your custom breast prosthesis as you engage in any water activities.

Virage breast form is made in the USA by Contourmed and we are their Canadian Authorized Providers.

Naturel Custom Breast Form:

              Just as the name sounds, this custom breast form is constructed to have standard weight while offering similar benefits as the Virage prosthesis.

Naturel is suitable for women who have undergone a unilateral mastectomy and are desirous to balance the weight of the left over breast.

This breast form is waterproof and suitable for all activities.

Naturel Breast Form is made in the USA by Contourmed and we are their Canadian Authorized Providers.

Profile Custom Breast Form:

        Profile breast prosthesis is one of Contourmed’s oldest formulations. It is uniquely handcrafted with Dermosol (latex) instead of Silicone, so has a weight similar to that of natural breast tissue and classic in weight. It is also one of the popular products because it moves with you.

Profile Breast Form is made in the USA by Contourmed and we are their Canadian Authorized Providers.

Profile Plus Custom Breast Form:


         Profile Plus is the latest custom breast form that Contourmed has created.


It is uniqueness derives from being the softest and most lifelike breast prosthesis formulated from Dermosol , which allows the breast form to feel like a natural breast tissue. Profile Plus is unparalleled in feel and level of comfort experienced by the wearer.


The prosthesis has similar weight to that of a natural breast and Profile breast form. And like all the other custom breast prostheses, there is no pocketed bra requirement to insert this form.


The dermosol content adapts itself to the wearer’s body temperature for comfort.


This breast form is water proof and can be used for aquatic activities.


 The quickest way to inquire about the Custom Breast Forms is through our website "Contact Us" page.


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