A Wig is a form of head cover or head gear or fake hair used by men and women to disguise baldness, loss of hair or alopecia. Wigs also provide head cover for religious requirement, for instant hair styling or hair grooming in fashion, and as a costume for actors playing a role. A wig is a cheaper, non- invasive hair replacement alternative when compared with invasive medical hair replacement procedures. 

Wigs can be made from natural human hair fibers, animal hair and synthetic fibers. 

We offer medical wigs for those who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, naturally balding head, alopecia due to genetic hair defects. 

Our wig collection comprises of a variety of wig caps construction that offers wig wearing comfort especially for cancer patients, for example, open cap for breathable scalp during chemo and in hot climates and weather.

Mono-filament top wig cap construction that mimics hair strands growing from the wig cap that is usually shaded to look like natural scalp . Mono-filament top wigs offer comfort and a more natural looking wig that is suitable for hair loss after cancer treatment.

The hand-tied mono-filament cap construction offers the greatest comfort and versatility, since each wig strand is hand tied or hand knotted on the wig cap, making a multidimensional parting possible.