Silicone Bra Inserts or Bra Cookies - Just Enough by Nearly Me

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  • Just Enough Silicone Bra Insert
Push ups
by Nearly Me
  • Just Enough Silicone Bra Insert
Bra inserts - "oval cookie"
by Nearly Me
  • Just Enough Silicone Bra Insert
round bra insert "round shell"
by Nearly Me


Nearly Me Just Enough Silicone Bra inserts enhancers are sold in pairs. It is what just enough of what is add rounded fullness to any bra cup size and cleavage and push up in bras for a sensual contour.Just enough enhancers can be used to even out bust uneveness and maintain symmetry after lumpectomy or due to birth defects.

These bra inserts are made with silicone gel enclosed in durable polyurethane skin, therefore they are not puncture proof.

Just Enough bra inserts come in both standard weight.

Insert into a bra at variable postions, under the breast, cover over small breast, put in a wired bra for great push up for mature breast or any one desiring cleavage.

Just enough silicone bra insert can be cleaned with damp cloth.

Bra inserts by Nearly Me come in various shapes, to suit the functional needs. Find below the shapes and and recommended applications.

Bra inserts replaces the form "cookie" pushup in bras.

Order guide:

20-380-03  oval shape, bra inserts

20-380-04  pushups

20-380-08  round  bra insert "round shell"

 Size: One size fits all

Color: Beige



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