Contact Breast Form by Amoena

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Amoena Breast Contact breast form attaches to the skin and moves with the body, stays in place with every movement.

 Amoena Contact is constructed in a way that makes it easy to adhere to the chest wall, so it looks like your body part, so does not fall away when you bend forward or lie on your side.

 You do not need to be concerned that when you wear fitted clothes that your breast prosthesis will shift to another location on your chest.

 With Amoena contact, the little weight contributed by your breast prosthesis or breast form will be evenly distributed, so that you will not suffer shoulder and back pain while wearing your mastectomy prosthesis.

 These breast forms come in three different cup forms --

 Contact 1: Shallow bra cup fit

 Contact 2: Average bra cup fit

 Contact 3: Full bra cup fit

 Amoena Contact is available in the following shapes -

 Contact 1S - 384 for shallow fit, available in sizes 1-14

 Contact 2S -381 for Average fit, available in Size 1-12

 Contact 2A -383, is asymmetric fit L/R for average cup, it is available in size 0-12 L/R.

 Contact 3E- 386, is asymmetric  full cup fit, so can fit either right or left L/R. Available in size 1-14

 Contact 3S -382, full triangle for full cup fit. Available in sizes 0-10

 Contact Light 2S - 380, average cup fit, features InTouch soft silicone, available in sizes 1-14

 Contact Light 3S-385 is for full cup fit, features InTouch soft silicone and it is available in sizes 0-10

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