Adhesive Breast Form Valance 1052XV Vario by Anita Care

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Anita Care Form 1052XV Valance Vario Adhesive ( contact style) prosthesis.

Style 1052XV Valance Vario Adhesive (Stick -On or Contact Prosthesis) is a self-adhesive breast form that can be worn without a mastectomy bra. Simply stick the adhesive surface directly on the chest or inside the lining of a bra, it ensures that prosthesis does not slump in a non-prosthetic bra.

In this breast form the glue on patch is shaped like a horse shoe to secure the contact with skin.

They are cleanable with gel or liquid soap and lukewarm water, then air dry or dab the non adhesive surface with towel.

Recommended for women with lymphedema.

Additional adhesive pad ( style 1032X) for this style are available for order.

Color: Skin and Tawny colors.

Sizes: 2-10

Package: One prosthesis and and adhesive patch per case.

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